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Magdalene Program

White Rose offers a mentoring and support program to our clients through the Magdalene Program. The mission of the Magdalene Program is to provide support for women as they navigate through their pregnancy and beyond. The program is named after St. Mary Magdalene, because we hope to show the same love and mercy bestowed upon her by Our Lord. We believe that each and every single mother deserves to be supported throughout her pregnancy and beyond. The majority of our moms don’t have any family or friends support for their journey, so we provide that for them. 

Our Magdalene Program is now in its 13th year providing education and support to mothers throughout their pregnancy and into motherhood. It is a community of support for women who feel alone and isolated, who need a friend walking with them on their pregnancy journey.  Our clients attend catechism classes and spiritual talks as well as classes on labor and delivery, basic budgeting, and job skills.

Our guest speakers address healthy relationships, the physical and spiritual harm of contraception and sterilization, and fertility awareness. These clients attend Holy Mass and receive God’s Word through the priests who volunteer their time. We host a baby shower for each client in her third trimester. The Magdalene Program is offered four times a month in both English and Spanish, and we provide free babysitting during the meetings as well as free lunch. Last year we registered 753client visits for the Magdalene Program.

Speaking on her experience with Magdalene Program, a client said…

The Mission of the Magdalene Program is to help women navigate through life and show them God’s mercy and kindness. The program is named after St. Mary Magdalene, because we hope to show the same love and mercy bestowed upon her by Our Lord.

After I attended Magdalene Program with Mass, I felt I had been healed. That day when I went to work, I got a phone call I had been waiting for, for several months, that I got a house I had been waiting for. 

Well-Woman Clinic

White Rose Women’s Center is proud to offer Well-Woman Exams to all clients who receive a negative pregnancy test. The Well-Woman Clinic is staffed by six Catholic, Pro-Life physicians who volunteer their time to provide care for these clients. At an exam, a woman receives a pelvic exam, breast exam, pap smear, and STD testing. These doctors don’t just provide a well-woman exam. They educate our clients about fertility awareness, harmfull side effects of contraception, and – most importantly – about respecting her body as a gift from God. To my knowledge, no other organization provides such comprehensive care.


Appointments Filled

In 2023, 88% of all Well-Woman Clinic appointments were filled by clients which illustrates the need for this care in North Texas.

972-BABY-DUE Hotline

Answered by White Rose



This hotline is answered in both English and Spanish. The BABY DUE hotline was brought to Dallas many decades ago, and has been answered by White Rose since then. Many churches have a BABY DUE sign on their property and it serves as a great tool for the church staff and priests to have when a pregnant woman approaches them needing help. When a woman calls the 972 BABY DUE phone number, we handle all of her needs.

Dallas College Partnership

To expand our services to our clients – to help them truly thrive and be independent mothers – we partnered with Dallas College to provide ESL classes to our Spanish speaking clients. This fall, we are planning to add the Basic Computer Skills class which teaches Microsoft skills. We have plans to add a GED preparation course. These classes are offered at our Walnut Hill location and we provide free babysitting during the classes. Clients attending these classes are students of Dallas College, giving them access to libraries, free pus passes, career and course counseling, and the option to finish an associate’s degree or other certification. This partnership is enabling our clients to develop communication and job skills that will lead them to stable careers. This is truly the next step that our clients need to be the women and mothers that God created them to be. 

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